The Battle Axe Shi [バトルアックスデス,Batoruakkusudesu] is Rory`s sacred treasure and a holy weapon crafted from the Deity`s Tree found only in the Realm of Deities.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shi has ten different forms usually appearing as a over-sized battle axe the color purple. During combat it is usually a over-sized purple and gray colored battle axe with a curved and deadly-looking blade. Black carved snakes are at the bottom and top of this sacred weapon with a long slender handle, and two pointy ends to the battle-axe with a short knife-like blade on the right side of the battle-axe. Each of it`s forms are designed for more power and destructive damaging blows. The forms are often unleashed to defeat a opponent and deal a final blow.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

It is made of a mysterious material only found in the Realm of Deities, and has mysterious qualities of the Tree of Deities, which Rory`s ability Devastation, draws out. It is capable of regenerating itself even after being split into two or in pieces. Some of it`s different forms include:

Battle Axe Shi[edit | edit source]

  • Pillow:When not in battle, the battle axe remains in the form of a very dark purple with elegant gray swirls and a heart in the middle of the pillow. The pillow can be used as a shield or even as a way to fly.
  • Form One: Shi [\ォーム市,Fōmu 1 shi]: Rory frequently utilizes this form, which is a long purple/gray over-sized battle-axe, in conjunction with her Demigoddess Strength to preform basic strength ranged attacks. It acts as a weapon that can destroy everything in it`s path no matter what it is.
  • Chaos [混沌,Konton]: By snapping her fingers she makes real copies of herself with equal power to the original body with Shi in their hands. They charge towards the enemy and cause damage.
  • Form Two: Water Dragon [ウォータードラゴン,U~ōtādoragon); literally meaning "Dragon of Water"]: Shi takes on the form of a dragon by sending magic rushing to the part of the sacred treasure that are made from dragons. While in this form the dragon will inflict massive damage allowing Rory to retaliate later and deal the final blow to her opponent when they are almost drained of magic. It is a great beast of magic and has a contract with Rory acting as the water dragon`s master.
  • Form Three: Avalon [アバロン,Abaron]; literally meaning Avalon the sheath of Excalibur the legendary sword of King Arthur himself. This form of Shi is a sheath with gold, blue lines and stripes run in lines down the sword twisting around the back ending at a sharp point where the sheath ends. This form has the ability to shield a unspecified amount of people and give me them while keeping them safe from a none friendly attacks from enemies and foes alike. This is the most gentle of Shi`s ten forms existing as the shielding form of Shi Rory`s sacred treasure.
  • Form Four: Darkness [闇,Yami]; This form of Shi is the most deadliest out of the ten forms Shi possess. The battle axe takes the form of a scythe fully encased in darkness reeking of humanity`s regrets, guilts, and doubts. Swinging it down and shouting Darkness Reigns Forever! [闇が永遠に支配する,Yami ga eien ni shihai suru]. Capable of causing massive damage to everything in it`s path and kills anything that is alive.
  • Sacred Temple of Emory [エモリー神殿,Emorī shinden]: A temple rises out of the ground causing a massive earthquake and takes off from the ground before magic beams shoot out of the temple`s gates and doors destroying everything incinerating all of it to dust.
  • Form Five: Dragon`s Wrath [ドラゴンの怒り,Doragon no ikari); literally meaning "Wrath of a Dragon"]: Dragons Images appear replacing Shi and encircle the enemies shooting the four elements out of their mouths and aiming for the heart of the enemy to damage the veins and arteries leading to the heart and important cells in your bodies.
  • Form Seven: Enchanted Silver Woods [魅惑的なシルバーウッド,Miwaku-tekina shirubāuddo); literally meaning "Silver Woods of Enchantment"]: This form of Shi projects power and is the most destructive of her sacred weapon`s ten forms.
  • Form Eight: Sky Goddess [空の女神,Sora no megami); literally meaning "Goddess of the Sky"]: Transforms into a image of the Sky Goddess Skyra who floats in the sky and deals scathing wind-based attacks from where she floats in the sky. It deals massive damage and causes the surrounding landscape for a radius of 300 feet to be completely destroyed.

Combined Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Combined Technique: Water Circle Sword Dance [ウォーターサークルソードダンス,U~ōtāsākurusōdodansu); literally means "Circle Sword Dance of Water"]: A combined attack in which Victoria makes a huge wave with her sword slamming it against the enemies , Rory attacks running on top of Victoria`s water wave and dealing the final blow to the enemies she is fighting.

Pillow Form of Shi

Temple of Emory

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