Rose Nakiri (ローズナキリ Rōzu Nakiri) is one of the heroines and was considered to be a rival by Erina Nakiri her younger sister in Shokugei no Soma. Wielding the second-best palate in the world, "Angel`s God Tongue" and a member of the illustrious Nakiri family, Rose stands above everyone in her class destined to take the second spot. Following the rebel alliance`s victory during the Regimental Shokugeki, she has been formally appointed the Vice-Headmaster of Tōtsuki Academy by Sōma and her grandfather and former Headmaster Senzaemon Nakiri, along with her younger sister Erina Nakiri.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rose has light purple hair that flows down her back. Her eyes are a light purple with a sailor uniform the colors red and black. She also wears a hat the color black with a branch of flowers in the brim of her hat.

After entering Tōtsuki, she started wearing their uniform and eventually, a boy who was in love with her gave her a Angel Hair-clip that she wears every day.

Rose Nakiri`s Hair Clip.PNG

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hailing from a wealthy and noble background, Rose comes across as a kind-hearted individual. She is admired for her iron stomach able to handle even disgusting food and even slightly sweet food makes her smile. She does not delight in her reputation across the culinary world preferring to tell people she rather not have that reputation.

As a child she was fearsome and unmatched in her sharp tongue, but due to her father her personality changed so that her meekness and humbled personality eventually became her personality. When Sōma entered the school, she was shy to approach him and ask him questions of whether she was too meek and whether she could ever be the same person she was again. She is highly protective of her younger sister and the secretary her younger sister has treating them like family.

She would do anything for them even risk her own life and as Sōma has noted she holds a deep-rooted hatred of her father for making Erina and her the way they are now. She is great at sports and is usually shown exercising after classes by teaching Sōma karate. She is determined and never gives up. When she is angered she slips into French cursing her father and calling him a disgrace to their family. Her true personality is a cold, stoic, and emotionless person who has little regard for other people save for people she wants to save. She has no empathy for others as she is dead inside. This personality came out when Sōma was pushed off the bench by a rich food owner`s heir. She threatened him with a chilling taunt that sent trembles down the spine of the Heir. After defecting to Polar Star Dormitory, she changed from a meek girl that wouldn`t harm a fly to a girl who would crush her rivals for 1st place.

History[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Born into the prestigious Nakiri Family, Rose is gifted with Angel`s Tongue the ability to taste food to the highest degree including knowing the condiments on top even the exact measurement added to the food. Since her gift became well known, most of her baby food was made by Sweet and Savory Restaurants that prided themselves on making the best baby food Rose could ever want. As a young girl, Rose was looked down by her father for having a prideful temperament, sharp tongue, and tendency to talk back to her father. Erina at age 3, decided to do a kind gesture for her elder sister Rose by giving her a bakery made honey cake. Personally, Rose thought it was the most delicious thing ever and was grateful for her younger sister for the kind gesture. Around this time, she became friends with another girl her age called Hisako Mordred, who pledged all of her efforts to serve Rose as best as she could.

Around the age of 4, Rose`s talent as a taste taster became known and she began assisting people in the Culinary Industry by coming in and helping them cook. She was idolized for helping people in the Culinary Industry.

Six months after Jōichirō's departure, her father, Azami Nakiri, subjected Rose and Erina her younger sister to a particularly brutal regimen, forcing both of the girls to compare foods and determine precise errors in each, then throwing away the inferior dish, even using physical force to prompt her to do so. With time, this training created Erina`s haughty personality as well as Rose`s meek and none caring for human life personality. This training also created a deep-rooted seated fear regarding their father.  Once Senzaemon found out, he exiled Azami from the Nakiri Family and Tōtsuki and tried to repair the damage done to both of them. Unfortunately, not everything done to Erina and Rose could be undone.

Life in the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy[edit | edit source]

Under the wing of her grandfather after Jōichirō's departure, Rose continued to further her cooking teaching other students in the years below her with a such a steady hand she was revered and idolized for it. Unsatisfied by most dishes served to her because they weren`t sweet she became infamously known throughout the world for creating a dish standard and if a dish didn`t meet those standards the sisters would not taste it and the dreams of being a high class chef were crushed. Her prodigious skills and renowned fame easily allowed Rose to tie with her younger sister and she was accepted to the Culinary Academy as the second member of the Elite Ten Council.

Shortly before the start of her high school life, Rose, and Erina were asked as members of the Elite Ten Council, to judge numerous dishes for various companies, most of which left them unimpressed. Unhappy from the lack of excitement from her jobs, Hisako and Mordred informed Rose and Erina that their  last major job was to proctor an entrance exam for the high school level of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.

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