Ito Aimi (伊藤愛美,Itō manami) is a friend and classmate of Yuu Kashima. She is in the Glee Club and acts as the class president, as well as the Student Council President for Roman Academy. She is in class 2-G and acts as one of the Heroines for the series.

Ito is very short compared to Yuu and has such a kind-hearted personality that people just end up being her friend. Mikoto has a crush on Ito but Ito is oblivious to his feelings for her.

Due to her tendency to be forgetful Yuu often stops by to help Ito who is often apologizing to Yuu from taking her away from Drama Club. Masayuki Hori is sighing in the background while Ito is sobbing and saying how sorry she is.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ito is a very short person and has dark blue dark that seems to look gray instead of blue. Her eyes are an icy arctic blue that shimmer in the sunlight. According to the other members of the Student Council she used to have long shimmering silver hair so silver that it made her look like a albino.

She has such white skin it looks like snow itself. Due to being the Student Council President she wears different clothes from the rest of the school. She wears a shirt with a blue and white theme. The shirt has cuffs on it that have the same blue and white theme. She wears a skirt underneath the shirt that is all white. A pair of black socks that go past her knees and up farther nearly meeting her skirt and brown shoes as her footwear. She wears a Celtic Circlet on her head.

When she was younger back in her childhood she wore a white billowing dress that bared her back to the world with a Celtic Circlet set in her head representing her Celtic Roots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Generous and kind-hearted Ito is such a nice person people are always fawning over her. Despite that, she is also a nervous speaker and messes up her words. Nozaki has commented on how she has such a nice personality that when she messes up and makes mistakes people tend to forgive her regardless of the damage she caused when trying to do something nice for somebody. Yuu is always seeking Ito`s attention due to the fact that she has advice on how to get Hori`s attention. Sometimes when she is embarrassed she turns into a tsundere but usually begs forgiveness after that happens. When she is angered by somebody usually Hori causing a ruckus her Celtic Roots come out and she starts acting like a ancient Celtic Warrior. This ends with Hori thrown out the window by Ito and Yuu being dragged to Drama Club Activities by Ito herself.

She has a firm loyalty in Justice and often mistakes Nozaki`s obliviousness as perverted antics often throwing him out the window and beratting Chiyo for those antics with a hard slap on her head before she leaves them alone. She is often seen stopping the teacher chasing Sao and the student chasing Sao with her death glare.

Skills[edit | edit source]

As a Manga Artist, she has a lot of talent and experience in drawing people often using and drawing experiences from her own life to make her Manga`s. She does a lot of people-watching and draws the background herselves making the most accomplished Manga Artist in the business.In the Glee Club after school she has a beautiful voice like that of a angel Kashima commented. Her skills with singing are so high she occasionally performs for the Drama Club as one of the Chamber Singers. She is so talented she went on to win competitions for singing.

History[edit | edit source]

According to Kashima, it was when Ito passed her First Year of Middle School with Advanced Placement Marks that they decided to move her to High School. Hori also additionally commented she is the Student Council President because of her Middle School Marks being Advanced Placement Marks. Yuu commented that she is such a good Student Council President fair and kind-hearted that people tend to listen to her.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Masayuki Hori[edit | edit source]

Ito is Hori's kouhai (junior) in the school due to being younger than him and is popular even among the girls due to her quiet personality and Hori likes her for that. Their relationship is that of friends so much so that they often hang out when Club Activities are done. He often comes to see her sing often and the two get along very well so much so that when Hori is not available to Nozaki to do background work Ito steps in as Nozaki`s background artist. She met him in her first year of Middle School transferring from Middle School directly to High School because of her good marks in every subject. Hori once commented on how much of a prodigy Ito is.

Mikoto Mikoshiba[edit | edit source]

The two are good friends and are often seen going to movies together. She keeps him in line and makes sure that he doesn't mess up when talking to other people. But due to his crush on her Mikoshiba often enough ends up saying stupid things to her which ends up with Mikoshiba embarrassed and Ito laughing her head off.

Yuzuki Seo[edit | edit source]

Aimi finds Seo to be a good person on the inside but she is confused on whether she considers Seo to be a friend or not. Though in the end she always says to everybody that she considers Seo to be her friend which causes many people to swarm Seo and demand that she tell them whether she is Ito`s friend or not. Seo always answers yes and the people that swarmed Seo take the arms of Ito and steer her far away from Seo. She finds Seo to be such a good singer and often gives her advice on creating her own songs.

Mayu Nozaki[edit | edit source]

She has a good relationship with Nozaki`s younger brother and is often seen cooking for him and going on the train to deliver it to him. As a boy he is attracted to her and seems to be jealous of Mikoshiba internally even going as far as to hug her around the waist when Nozaki came home with Ito, Chiyo, and the rest of his friends.

Umetarou Nozaki[edit | edit source]

As fellow budding manga artists the two get along like pees in a pod and they are best friends it seems. She is stern, oblivious, tsundere, and a role model seeming to ground Nozaki down. The two are often seen on outings together. Ito is not oblivious to Nozaki`s crush Chiyo trying to ask Nozaki out. She is often seen trying to make Nozaki express his feelings for Chiyo.

Yumeko Nozaki[edit | edit source]

Nozaki`s little sister sees Ito as a older sister-figure and often calls her Onne-san which makes Ito embarrassed. She is often seen with Yumeko beside her shopping for shoujo manga in a bookstore. It is implied that the only person that Ito will ever lavish attention upon is Yumeko. Ito has such a good relationship with Nozaki`s parents and Nozaki himself that she is allowed during breaks to have Yumeko over at her apartment where she lives.

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