Asuna (アスナ,Asuna) is a member of the Student Council in Nozaki-Kun and is also the Co-President of the Student Council. A member of class 2-G she also serves as one of the members of the Glee Club and a member of the Karate Club.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She has flowing white hair that trails down to her bottom. Her eyes are a piercing light gray and she wears boots on her boot with black socks that go past her knees. A black shirt covers the red skirt with a white shirt underneath the red skirt. She has a sheathed katana tied at her waist that she carries around as she has a legal license to do so.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A tomboy, she is not interested in any body and does not respect anybody. In return she is feared for her skills with the katana are like no other people`s skills with the katana. Kashima utterly despises her because she cares nothing about being cute and utterly rejects her every time Kashima tries to flirt with her. Cold and emotionless towards others she comes off as a person who would rather die than talk to people. She also gives off a dark aura when people approach her and will generally only respond to the teachers`s questions on what to do with this or that or the other members of the Student Council.

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