"My ideals are strong as your ideals only you copied them from someone."

-Amber Harper to Mordred Freedom "The Sirius Tree"

Amber Harper (アンバーハーパー,Anbāhāpā) is a S-Class Mage of the Harper Wizard Guild, wherein she is a member of Team Harper. She also served as a Bar Server when she first joined the Guild and later during Makarov`s absence in the year of X792 as a ambassador to Fairy Tail. She is the current Head S-Class Mage in the guild and is the adviser to the current guild master Gulia.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Amber is a young woman with long, pale blonde/pink hair and arctic blue eyes. During her childhood she had Silver Hair with a almost invisible pink tint to her hair and had Jade Green Eyes instead of arctic blue eyes. She has a slender figure as all Angel a branch of the Fairy Race tend to exhibit. Her most common attire consists of a white turtleneck, black shorts, and brown combat boots. Her Harper Guild Mark is Silver and is located on the middle of her left arm. Amber`s Specialty in Crystal Make allows her to make crystals faster than a normal human, blessing them with magic to use later, and for enchantments relating to armor.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Amber is rather quiet person preferring to aid her opinion only when necessary. Impatient when she is kept waiting she turns into a angered person different from her normal personality. She is generally kind-hearted and quite gentle surprising to the other Guild Members of the Harper Guild who had stared her wrath down when she was angered at them. During her childhood she was teased due to always being wrapped up in books and magic to even talk to anybody. Due to that she has a hard time relating to other people and as such is usually avoided by other members of the Guild. However her stern personality and sense of Justice matches that of Ezra Scarlet who is in a way is like Amber which scares members of the two guilds alike. During the time spent the Grand Magic Games it matures her as a person. She is not comfortable with men or boys and has been shown to knock them out. As a Bar Server she was remarked to be the scariest Bar Server ever and if you wanted something you asked her in a very polite manner or you might get your head bitten off. She is a person that can stomach any food and many people are questioning if she has a iron stomach which she does. Capable of being nice while also roasting people has led to people trying to roast her with a insult only for her to kick them out of the Guild with her fist into the street.

Reserved with a high tactical keen and honed battle sense she has been noted as one of the smartest wizards able to make up a plan and then act on it. This earned her nickname White Witch Konan (ホワイト・ウィッチ・コナン,Howaito u~itchi Konan). She is creepy to some people due to her tendency to respond in a monotone fashion tilting her head as she does so. She is not afraid to show off her body and has been shown to wear a Bar Server Maid Dress that revealed her legs and some of her chest. However during the Magic Games she was reminded by some of her Guild-mates that she should not wear revealing clothing. She showed up in armor covering her whole body up to her neck and beat anybody who commented on her armor. After Fairy Tail disbanded she matured a lot becoming more in tune with her emotions and even visited Lucy. She led the Harper Guild`s Team as their leader taking the victory.

During the time when Fairy Tail was disbanded she visited Lucy and had heart-to-heart conversations with her about emotions not sure what to make of them. She described herself as somebody who is unsure of emotions and what to do about them. During her flashbacks she was shown as a crying, sobbing crybaby who was trying to understand why her parents abandoned her alone out in the cold streets before she was adopted by the Guild Master Gulia as her little sister. Over the years in various flashbacks she grew a protective shell over her heart only letting Gulia, Ezra, Gray, and Lucy in before she trusted them not to tell her secrets. They understood her in a way that maybe she was not ready to tell to the world. Later after Fairy Tail was reinstated she walked over to Fairy Tail bringing her Guild-mates introducing them welcoming them back. The mask she holds over her emotions cracks when Lucy sobs into Amber`s shoulder trying to understand why her cousin would say Murder is okay as long as it saves a person`s life in return. Her personality is a lot like Gowther`s from Seven Deadly Sins as the two (Amber & Gowther) don`t understand what emotions are. It is shown that Amber is a huge drinker of Wine and can drink Cana or even her own sister Gulia underneath the table.

When she joins the Seven Deadly Sins she is shown to be much like Gowther though her experiences as a Harper Guild Wizard changed her personality for the better. She is much like Gowther in the beginning so much so that it is hard to tell the differences from their personalities apart. Meliodas and Elizabeth are introduced to her when she saves Elizabeth from a male harassing her. She later joins them as a member of the Team after she leaves the Harper Guild of Magnolia, Fiore. She is shown in the first episode of Seven Deadly Sins when they met her in Magnolia with her helmet on. She would later take her armor off and wear the Boar Hat`s Uniform when she worked there. She later became the protector of Elaine when Ban wasn`t around and mentor of Gowther in terms of emotions. Quiet when she is working as a waitress and convincing when she is fighting enemies to her comrades. Meliodas, Ban, and King noted at one point she even convinced Elizabeth that she was important to the rest of her comrades and she was essential.

Magic and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Crystal Make (クリスタルメイク,Kurisutarumeiku): Crystal Make is a form of Molding Magic and one of Amber`s Signature forms of Magic, over which she possess such a high level of mastery that she makes anybody else with Molding Magic look like preschoolers. It allows her to create crystals that by extension can kill people with a single blast of magic stored inside of the crystal, heal the wounded with a chant from ancient times, and store reserve magic until it`s owner needs it. She is known for her fast reflexes and tendency to use Crystal Make. This type of magic is also a sensory type of magic and allows her to feel the energies of other wizards in the vicinity around her with a radius of 160 yards. She is very strong and even as a young child used this magic to save people. Her elder sister Gulia possesses this magic as well and when the two team up they are noted to be able to destroy a whole country if roused up.

Shadow Magic (影の魔法,Kage no mahō): Shadow Magic is a type of Spiritual Magic and has been used by Amber to defeat Future Rouge alongside Natsu. As the resident Shadow Magic Holder she is magically in tune with Shadow Traveling using it to vanish alongside her elder sister. She can use this magic to summon spirits and even the Shadow King himself. This magic type has not been shown with Amber using as it as her go-to-magic is Crystal Make.

Telekinesis: Amber is a skilled user of Telekinesis using it to levitate her spear of Divinity and using it during the fight with Future Rouge to lift Natsu in the air and make him float. She uses this magic to carry her possessions and weapons as she is too lazy to carry them herself hence the moniker Grizzly Sin of Sloth much like King`s Sin Name. When she was a child she levitated her spear given to her by her elder sister Gulia and stabbed a bandit about to hurt her elder sister earning her the name The Dragon Sin of Wrath. It sometimes confused people because Meliodas and Amber had the same moniker and King as well.

Expert Archer:Amber possesses a mastery in Archery such as when she used a tiny bit of her power forming it into an arrow and firing it from her magical bow destroying a country in one minute making people fear her guild and Amber`s powers.

Keen Intellect:She is able to read through the lines and her sensory abilities allow her insight into their thoughts and mind-set. She is shown to be able to pull off a plan and make it work somehow adjusting it to fit the requirements, mind-sets, power levels, and team logistics to fit all of the members of the team. Due to her having read some many books relating to magic and recording what they can do down in her mind, various notebooks, and out loud she is able to know what magic her enemies are using and identify the flaws in that magic.

Immense Reflexes:Due to Gulia training her as a child she is able to stand there and not notice somebody attacking her. She is able to read and throw somebody through a window without looking up from her book-reading. In battle she is shown to be able to read the movements and know where they are going to move next she is able to react in a highly fast methods. Due to that she is noted by her fellow Guild Members to have the high reflexes in their guild however her strength is somewhat underneath debate.

Immense Endurance:She is able to get up and defeat wave after wave of wizards with just back-flips and hand-to-hand combat. Even when she was drained of magical power she fought for the lives of her fellow guild members and other guilds members. Even she was injured in the fight against Ban one of the Seven Deadly Sins she was able to fight and gain somewhat of a advantage over the immortal before she was stopped by Meliodas and King who noted her ability of Floating was similar to that of a Fairy`s.

Immense Magic Power: She has a tremendous amount of Magic Power due to both of her parents being the greatest mages in all of the land of Fiore. She is able to recover from Magic Loss and has been shown using magic to heal her friends or even lending some of her magic to her friends and comrades to use in their battles. When exerted, her Magic Power is silver in color. Her sheer magic power is a worthy rival to Ezra Scarlet`s magic power and even made Neinhart uneasy, fearing that she was somehow related to Morgan and James Harper the second strongest of the Spriggan 12.

Floating: Due to her genes being of Angel a branch of the Fairy Race she is able to access the ability of floating much like her parents. She can use this ability to fly and has been shown using it to levitate her magical spear of Divinity when she goes into battle. She has used this skill to fly into the air when she is threatened by people after her.

Sword Magic:She is able to use Sword Magic fairly new in her family and is a First Generation Sword Mage User making her a powerful person. Using this when she was just a little kid she changed the fate of her friend when she killed her.

Requip: Angel Warrior (リシップエンジェルウォリアー,Rishippuenjeruu~oriā): Requip is a type of Spatial Magic and Amber`s signature form of Magic, over which she possesses great mastery. It is a type of Magic that allows her to swap weapons, armor and clothes at will. Her particular form of Requip is called Angel Warrior. She is noted for her Powerful Attacks and is viewed with disgust by the people of Lioness because she killed her friend when she was just a young child. She is able to change into armor at will and is the unknown sword mage of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Master Swordsman Specialist: Amber is a master in swordsman since she was a little kid she has mastered the art of the sword becoming known as the Second Best Swordsman and Front-line Fighter of the Seven Deadly Sins. She has displayed her skills when she had needed to preferring to use her magics when needed and Swords when she needs to. When she rescued Ezra and protected her she displayed her sword skills pushing the enemy back and destroying their base along the way. She is able to apply pressure to her sword and make it so that she does not destroy a thing or make it so that she destroys a whole building with her sword.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Amber owns a powerful and magical set of armor that allows her to move in battle or when using Hand-to-Hand Combat if she wanted to. They may even switch her skin tone and a weapon comes along with it. They may change her skin color/tone and height.

Knight Armor.PNG

Knight Armor (ナイトアーマー,Naitoāmā): Is her normal armor to appear in as is it protects her from harm. It goes up to her neck and covers her chest as well as the rest of her body. Chain-mail Armor is underneath her armor and she gains silver hair that is tied into a ponytail at the side of her head. She is seen in this armor more than the rest of her armors due to the fact that it seems to be what she wears most of the time.

  • Flight:She is capable of flying in this armor because of her ability as her race is part of the Fairy Race. This armor allows her to fly more easily but it tends to scare people so she doesn`t fly in this armor.
  • Sword Requip: Amber is able to requip a single sword that comes with her armor and has been shown to be able to make her sword float in the air and attack her enemy.
  • Air Walking: Amber is shown walking on air to battle enemies who can fly and she is shown rescuing people by simply catching them descending from the air. Due to her being part of the Fairy Race she can float but she chooses to walk on air as according to Amber it is easier.
  • Anger of the Dragon Slaying Knight (ドラゴンの怒り,Doragon no ikari): Amber will summon swords with hilts shaped like Dragons and using her Telekinesis Ability send them flying at her enemy which she fly in the air before she dives down creating a huge explosion.
  • Matrona`s Sword Slash (マトローナの剣スラッシュ,Matorōna no ken surasshu): Amber summons her rapier Chasity and dashes forward with a female figure following her with a similar sword. They both summon huge quantities of swords floating in the air themselves before walking on the air towards their enemies and slicing their rapiers against the chest of their opponents who are heavily damaged and can no longer be a mage.

Sky Armor.PNG

Sky Armor (スカイアーマー,Sukaiāmā): This armor is regarded by the Magic Community at large to represent her skills as a Knight of the Kingdom of Lioness. She wore this armor when she was rescuing Elizabeth from a Holy Knight that was harassing her. She kicked the Holy Knight out of the door earning their ire due to her abilities.

  • Sky Pentagon Sword Dance ( スカイペンタゴンソードダンス,Sukaipentagonsōdodansu): Amber summons swords bearing a red jewel in the middle of the cross-hilt in the shape of a Pentagon. She then starts floating in the air and snapping her fingers the floating swords bombard the ground where the enemies are standing causing great damage to the enemies. Before the enemies can react the swords surround them putting their life in the hands of Amber. Before they can blink the swords are cutting in their skin and they are sliced every which way by Amber`s floating swords.
  • Flight:She gains Wings as part of her armor and is able to fly for a unspecified amount of time while clad in this armor. She is able to levitate and fly in this armor to buy herself time to do attacks on the enemies clad in their armor below.

Spear of Divinity:This is the sacred treasure of Amber that allows her to draw out more power from her magic pools than ever. It acts as her most-used weapon

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